About Us

Lindsey Optics proudly manufactures and sells optical products for motion picture cameras.

We are a new company, yet we have a long history in optics.  Our President - Dwight Lindsey - has 38 years in the Optics business and was recently C.E.O. of Schneider Optics, with offices in New York and Los Angeles, part of the worldwide Schneider Group.

We are based in Lancaster, California, just North of Los Angeles.

Our mission is to offer innovative optics of the highest quality.

Our Brilliant Macro lens attachments are "Astonishingly Sharp".  They are adaptable to Zeiss, Cooke and Schneider prime lenses between 50mm and 100mm.  And they work "Brilliantly" on the Zeiss 70-200 Compact Zoom.  Zoom through Macro!!

Our Motion Picture Filters are unique:

When we began imagining what a better filter should be, we came up with a short (but important) list that sets us apart: 

  • Every single one of our filters has a rock-hard, multi-layer broadband anti-reflection coating.
  • Every filter is manufactured to the highest standard of flatness. By every filter, we mean every filter: Our filters are tested for flatness on our phase-shift Zygo laser interferometer – this matters to us because the flatter the filter, the sharper your image will be. 
  • Our Brilliant IR ND’s are solid glass filters with no plastic inter-layer. That means they will never fade, warp, or change. They also attenuate all wavelengths of light (not just the visible) and don't clip red wavelengths, so your images will have fully-saturated reds without any infra-red pollution. They'll aid you in creating truly brilliant images.
  • Our Brilliant-Pol Polarizers work better at reducing reflections and pumping up color saturation, giving you more control over how much reflection you eliminate.
  • All Lindsey Optics Filters include a 1-year warranty against defects.
  • If you're concerned that you might scratch or break your product in the future, you can register your lens or filter for a no-fault, no-questions-asked warranty for an additional fee. 

Lindsey Optics 
104 East Avenue K4
Suite K
Lancaster, CA 93535

+1 661-522-7101